Let's Save Avila Pier!

Friends of Avila Pier (FOAP), Inc. is a a 501(c)(3) organization that was formed by volunteers from the Avila Beach community for the sole purpose of assisting in the raising of funds to maintain, renovate and preserve Avila Pier. Port San Luis Harbor District has revised a repair bill for the Avila Pier and we need to raise money from our amazing community to ensure that we can repair and preserve the marine heritage and character of the local port for future generations.


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Why support the Avila pier?


The Avila Pier is a historical treasure, a place to build memories with friends, family and visitors.


The Pier provides so much enjoyment and recreational opportunities from leisurely strolls, whale, bird and marine watching, fishing, crabbing, boating and more to perfect photo opportunities.


Built in 1907, the pier has been an integral landmark for our community over the last 100 years.


Our community has always shared a love for the ocean and the pier is a great educational resource that we should be able to share with future generations.

Mail your Donations to:

Friends of Avila Pier,Inc.   P.O.Box 685, Avila Beach, CA 93424